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I got "You Awaken in a Strange Place" for free on Pay What You Like several weeks ago, and have been dying to play it. Last weekend, I finally got to play it with my wife and nieces, and we had so much fun that I decided to go back and buy it again, this time paying money for it. If you're looking for a zero-prep TTRPG that isn't D&D, check it out!


I ran this with my parents, and my sister and brother in law today. I've never DMed anything and my parents have never played an rpg, my sister is a DnD newbie (as am I) and it was the most fun I've had with that specific group of people in ages! it went so far off the rails we couldn't even see them any longer, and I just had to leave a note saying thank you! I'm so glad this exists.

Looks like a fun way to BS a real quick game session. May have to give this a try. 

Quick question: Players get 10 HP, but I don't know what HP are used for. Doesn't seem to be a way to lose them.


This is currently my group's regular game! Easy to set up, fun to play, wild to adventure in, and alarmingly flexible for different scenarios :D


Does anyone think that it would be possible to play this with more than four people?

Don't know if you'd still want a response this late, but I've been playing it with five people and it's been very successful! We get the fourth player to give either a Genre or Adjective wildcard to the setting generation, and just play as per usual with the additional skill verbs.

I added an era inspiration setup for my fourth player. But I'm a costume designer and so I knew that would help me add flavor!


i’m so glad this is on itch now! thank you for writing this game, it is so much fun to play :)


This was tremendously fun! We were a bunch of stoner prog rock aliens fighting to win a battle of the bands at a festival designed to celebrate those silly mythical "Hoomans" - it was a blast!

Thanks for making it, definitely recommending it to everyone I know for a fun one-off RPG experience!


Can't wait to make a dumb story with my friends!


Played this with my friend group after y'all first streamed it a while back. We were miners mining Stank at the bottom of the Deepest Hole In The World, and we eventually overthrew the Foreman of the Stank Pits.

5/5 Would rope my friend who's the best out of all of us at improv into GMing this again.


hooray!! Thank you for posting this :) 

My friends and I played a while ago and we were rebel space pirates trying to steal the secret herb & spice blend from Galactic Overlord Colonel Sanders and his henchmen the Spice Girls! 

Pure chaos, so much fun.